About us

Mission Statement

Soulfull collection was fully manifested in 2022 and is a brand that aspires to inspire while also assisting in helping raise the consciousness of humanity. We intend to do so by putting an emphasis on words of affirmation. Words and thoughts are powerful and have proven to be one of the many keys to unlocking the reality you desire.  We encourage you to embody what’s in and on your body while starving your ego and feeding your soul. 

Meet the CEO

Rich Joyce who embraced his birth name as his poet/stage name in 2012 was born on February 29th, which is a day that comes just as rarely as his caliber of talent.  Some call it unique or interesting, but all must say it's pretty special to be born on a day that only comes around every 4 years or every 1,460 days to be specific.  Rich, son of Ida and Richard Sr. was born unconscious and not breathing.  His mother states that she remembers him being rushed out of the room for a few moments and until this day, she's not quite sure what they did to restore his breathing but she's thankful they were able to.  Rich spent his early years growing up in the Roxbury area of Boston before he and his family moved to Dorchester MA where he spent most of his teenage years along side his siblings. The oldest of 4, Rich cites his brothers Kris, Nick and sister Brittney as his leading source of motivation.  In May of 2018, Nicholas, the youngest of all the siblings passed away along with 3 of his close friends in a horrific and tragic car accident in West Bridgewater, MA leaving Rich and his family lost and devastated.  Rich describes the experience of losing his then 16 year old brother as a pain that can never be explained and a feeling that still seems surreal up until this very second in time.  The loss of Nicholas caused confusion, anger, guilt, regret and obvious pain which caused Rich to hide away from the outside world for an extended period of time.  For several months, he stepped away from all of his creative endeavors and interests before realizing that music and poetry was and has always been his main outlet to express and release his emotions.        

Rich began falling in love with music, poetry, designing and creating at a very young age after seeing and hearing the likes of Rakim, AZ, Wu Tang, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Jay-Z & Langston Hughes just to name a FEW.  Rich who went by J-Rich in the early stages of his career was able to perform on many stages through out his home state and across the US as well as release a full LP titled CHILLMATIC which can be found on all streaming platforms. After transitioning away from rapping and after years of perfecting his crafts, skills & passions while also studying many industries that inspired him, Rich feels he is now ready to contribute something divine and special to the universe.  He not only plans to try to make a statement through his poetry but to also follow behind some of the greatest business men in the world such as Daymond John (CEO of FUBU) and Hip Hop artists such as Jay Z & the late great Nipsey Hussle who he states as one of his biggest inspirations.  Rich intends to utilize and integrate his business mind & street smarts to one day build his brand Soulfull Collection as well as The Almighty Dynasty Visionary Group in which he co-owns with a large team into successful entities.  Starting with the official 2022 launch of The Soulfull Collection LLC which is a brand and company that was created to inspire and help raise  the consciousness of humanity through fashion and design.  

Even though Rich may have grown up in tough areas of Boston, MA he has always been inspired by the finer things in life. Rich likes to paint mental pictures of the past, the present and the future of things to come.  He aims to motivate, inspire and raise the consciousness of his listeners with what some may describe as a cinematic style of poetry.  If ever there was a Picasso of poets/artists, Rich would arguably hold a crown with his super intricate wordplay and rhyme schemes that paint an abstract composition of his life and outlook on the universe.  His ear for quality and sophisticated production and knack for creating instant thought provoking, soul touching poems are just a few of the nuances that make Rich the talented and interesting entity he is today.